Food Truck Find: Ms. Cheezious- Miami

Foodies on the Fly took a trip down to Miami last week to try one of the many food trucks gracing the street. We initially took the trip to participate in Food Truck Fridays at the Herald building but had to change plans due to rescheduling issues. (You can catch it this Friday at the Arsht Center.) We were not disappointed!  We tracked a few trucks in the area and decided to try Ms. Cheezious, an aqua truck with the mischievous pin-up girl on the side that serves freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches.

When we arrived at the gourmet grilled cheese phenomena,  parked next to Shell Lumber on SW 27th Avenue we were greeted with a smile. Prices range from $3-8 and you can definitely buy a complete lunch with a drink for under $10.

Some menu options include Grilled Blue and Bacon ($7) a crisp bacon with creamy blue cheese and green onion on sour dough bread, Grilled Harvest ($7) Spiced apples and harvarti cheese grilled to perfection on multi-grain bread.

Our order consisted of two custom built sandwiches, cheddar cheese with oven roasted turkey and spiced apples on multi grain bread and harvarti cheese with shaved tavern ham and spiced apples on multi grain bread. Each a little different but both amazing!

Lunch meat is usually not my favorite thing to eat when dining out but theirs complimented each sandwich and all of the ingredient blended perfectly together. A must when you visit is anything with the apples.  They had a slight sprinkle of cinnamon and were baked to a deliciously soft consistency. The perfect sweet/savory combination. (Drooling just thinking about them!)

If you are looking for a food truck near you check out Miami Food Trucks. Their website offers a food truck locator, listings, and meet up information.


Have a suggestion on where to eat, let us know and we’ll try it out, review it, and blog about it!


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