Hold The Wasabi!

{We’re Having a Dim Sum Party}

To celebrate the Chinese New Year Chef Rachelle Boucher from Standards of Excellence hosted a Dim Sum party in two of the California showrooms, San Jose and Sacramento.  Chef Rachelle is a great chef and her passion for her craft shines through in all of her culinary creations.

Some of Chef Rachelle’s menu items included traditional pot stickers, shrimp and scallion pancakes (recipe below), stir fried noodles and barbecue chicken and pork.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts Foodies on the Fly couldn’t attend the event.  But that didn’t stop us from planning our own Dim Sum bash here in Florida!

We found similar recipes and posted menu suggestions and tips below to help you create your own Dim Sum inspired soirée at home.

Think tapas!  Anything bite-sized and easy to eat would be perfect for this event.

Because traditional dim sum is often served with tea, offer your guests an array of options.  There are many to choose from and most can be bought at your neighborhood grocery store.

Create a trendy restaurant in the comfort of your living room by adding accents of red and gold, hanging paper lanterns, and scattering candles throughout the space. Seat guests at low tables and have them sit on large pillows to add to the ambiance. Try orientaltrading.com or lunabazaar.com for party decor,  both sites offer a great selection and are reasonably priced.

Some serving suggestions include:

Steamed Dumplings {the food network}
Double Happiness Shrimp Pancakes {chef rachelle boucher}
Ginger Pork Pot Stickers {the food network}
Barbecued Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps {the food network}
Wild Mushroom Spring Rolls with Chinese Mustard Sauce {the food network}

Iced Mint Green Tea

Try Red Wine, Riesling or Rose Champagne. Check out this site for Pairing suggestions.

Fortune Cookies
Green Tea Ice Cream


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