From Food to Fashion: Divot Stomp Attire

Foodies on the Fly have been front and center at all of the fabulous polo matches this season. Mingling in the Nespresso Grande Pavilion, sampling great food, and sipping cocktails and coffee. But our favorite part of the day is when we get to go onto the field for the traditional divot stomp. If you are not familiar with polo, during half time spectators are invited onto the field to “stomp” the tufts of grass kicked up by the ponies back into place. Most guests join in the fun, meet other spectators, and sometimes even the players as they walk their horses off the field. Oh, and they pass out Champagne and ice cream!

Besides the food and mingling another aspect of the day is the fashion.  Polo fashion is an experience in itself. From the gorgeous hats, to the super chic shoes, ladies and men are dressed to impress every Sunday afternoon. If you are planning on attending a match and need help figuring out what to wear. Check out our tips below.

Divot Do’s and Don’t

Do mix prints and colors for a fresh look

Don’t wear cut-off jeans with Uggs or flip-flops…

Do wear a pair of shorts with a flowy top and chic flats

Don’t be afraid of color

Do wear what you feel comfortable and confident in.

Don’t forget to wear a fabulous pair of sunglasses, a big hat…or both if you’re daring

Do dress to impress

Don’t wear your Sundays best with sky-high stilettos

Do opt for espadrilles, wedges, or flats instead!



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