Bluefin Sushi and Thai – Parkland, FL

After driving all around Miami searching for Food Trucks on Friday and lunching at Rocco’s Tacos in Ft. Lauderdale there was only one way to end the long workweek. Sushi and Sake! advertised a great deal for Bluefin Sushi and Thai but unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to participate in the special and opted to pay full price and I have no regrets.

Bluefin Sushi and Thai (6694 Parkside Drive) is located in a charming little shopping center hidden in Parkland, a quiet equestrian community in Broward County. We arrived around 9pm and the place was filled with patrons. Quickly greeted, we were seated within minutes and handed a menu that included sushi, Thai, and Japanese specialties. The extensive selection was overwhelming at first but without delay I started ordering from the menu.

First up, Spring Rolls ($6), crispy rolls stuffed with fresh vegetables and clear noodles served with sweet and sour sauce. The rolls were served hot and the portion was perfect for sharing.

Next, I ordered a simple Avocado/Cucumber/Asparagus Sushi Roll ($5), prepared with the seaweed outside, the roll was fresh and perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of anything that swims.

As an entrée I decided to try the Chicken in Basil Sauce ($14), Sautéed basil, bell pepper, hot chili and onions. I ordered it with an extra kick, but all of the dinners on the menu can be prepared however you like (mild, medium, hot, or no spice).  Dinner was delicious, served hot, and left a lasting impression.

Aside from the food, one thing that really stood out was the staff. Everyone working that night was extremely helpful and polite to the clients as well as each other and that made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

The Verdict:
I will definitely return to Bluefin Sushi and Thai and highly recommend that you give them a try. Coupon or not, you will not be disappointed!

Side note: Try the Plum Sake-Tini. This sweet concoction is the perfect match for anything on the menu!

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