Sweet Things: Cosi Duci Bakery – Boca Raton, FL

Friday evening I dreamed that I was at cake camp. Seriously. It was amazing. I was in a cute little cabin and spent my days sampling all types of assorted desserts, but mainly the baked and frosted variety. I’m wondering if this was a flashbacks from the wonderfully decadent “Let Them Eat Cake” event last week, but I digress… As luck would have it, that afternoon I logged onto Twitter and saw at the very top of my feed a link to the Best Dessert in South Florida. Of course, I immediately clicked and it took me here.

(Insert drumroll like sound here)…The best dessert in South Florida is at Cosi Duci in Boca Raton!

I made a snap decision to head over to Cosi Duci immediately and see what all the hype was about, and I wasn’t the only one. Within minutes of entering the bakery/café and perusing their assortment, three other new customers walked in and mentioned seeing the article and began making their selections as well. Each dessert, pastry, cookie, and biscotti was presented so lovely it was a difficult choice to decide which were coming home with me. In the end I selected the following: 1 apricot croissant, 1 rum ball rolled in coconut, 3 mini anise cookies, and 4 biscotti in the following flavors: papaya coconut lime, pistachio, pecan white chocolate and chocolate orange.

The apricot croissant was very crispy, flaky, and sweet. Not too buttery or “sticky” as some sweet croissants can get. It was the perfect texture and filled with a thick gooey apricot center.

The rum ball was very moist and cake-like with a good sweet rum flavor. It wasn’t overpowering and the coconut topping added a little bit of crunch which was very nice. These also come with an optional pistachio or cocoa powder if you prefer instead of coconut.

The mini anise cookies were very flavorful. These would pair perfect with either a shot of espresso or Earl Grey tea.

The biscotti were also a perfect consistency, firm with a good crunch, but not solid. These are perfect on their own, or also dipped in coffee or tea. I paired the papaya coconut lime with a tropical tea blend. The bits of dried papaya in this biscotti made it extra good. Next I sampled the pistachio biscotti with my current favorite tea, samuri chai mate. This biscotti’s pistachios perfectly complemented the richness of the mate, and was just slightly sweet, which I loved. Finally I tried the pecan white chocolate and chocolate orange biscotti. I had each of these without a pairing because they were so delicious on their own, but could see them easily alongside a vanilla latte or cappuccino. Both were absolutely scrumptious, but the chocolate orange was my favorite.

The hype was right. Cosi Duci is fabulous! Check it out for yourself at; Cosi Duci Bakery, Plum Park, 141 NW 20th St., Boca Raton, 561-393-1201, cosiduci.com.9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturay, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday.

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