Sushi With A View: SAIA – Ft. Lauderdale

On Tuesday Foodies on the Fly headed over to B Ocean Ft. Lauderdale the newly opened hotel on the corner of Sunrise and A1A to try out SAIA, a fresh and modern sushi restaurant.

The stylish restaurant was tucked in the corner and decorated with fabulous lighting fixtures, sleek tables, and an incredible ocean front view great for people watching. The menu incorporates an eclectic mix of flavors and dishes are prepared to share.

From the moment we walked in the staff was attentive and offered excellent recommendations like the Fried Ripe Plantains (amazing) and the Palm Chicken (delicious). Their illustrative descriptions made choosing from the menu so much easier, especially since we’ve never been there and everything was new.

We started our dinner with fresh Edamame and a Vegetable Roll. Both were delivered quickly and presented on chic white plates. The edamame was served steaming and the roll was prepared inside out stuffed with asparagus, cucumbers, and arugula and topped with steamed spinach.

For an entrée we shared Palm Chicken, marinated tender and moist chicken, marinated in coconut, lemon grass, Thai chili, and citrus. Each bite was better than the next and bursting with flavors. The tiny pinch of curry added to the amazing experience and we could have each devoured another order!

We ended dinner with Fried Ripe Plantains served with a Honey Glaze dipping sauce (best part of dinner by far!). The plantains were perfectly battered and fried, light and crisp and the honey glaze added to their deliciousness. So, good in fact, we ordered them for dessert!

We couldn’t choose just one, although we tried! We started dessert with Lemon Grass Mango Crème Brule; the small dish was the perfect size for one and incorporated lemon grass and mango. The two flavors perfectly complimented each other, neither one too overpowering and the dessert altogether was light and refreshing. Perfect after a day at the beach.

As our second choice we tried the Coconut Ice Cream withFried Ripe Plantains. Our love affair with the honey glaze was obviously apparent because our server highly recommended the dessert, which had the glaze, drizzled all over it. The creamy coconut ice cream wasn’t to overpowering and the combination of plantains and coconut together was just amazing. Both desserts were perfectly proportioned for one, but sharing is highly recommended.

The Verdict:
If you are looking for a flavorful experience, new and innovative dishes, drinks, and desserts, this sleek and modern restaurant is a must try. SAIA is conveniently, located on the corner of Sunrise and A1A and is currently open nightly for dinner. You can reserve a table online at or by calling the number below.

We’ve gone back to test out NEW items. Read all about them here.

B Ocean Ft. Lauderdale- SAIA
999 Fort Lauderdale Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL


7 thoughts on “Sushi With A View: SAIA – Ft. Lauderdale

  1. Kiran, it’s okay… never too late to try 🙂 May I suggest starting with veggie sushi first if the idea of raw fish is too intimidating.

    Paul, it is very good. You should stop in the next time you walk by.

  2. I had dinner tonight and here are my impressions:

    Hotel is a Wannabe Hotel W, just passing through the lobby noticed that housekeeping was lacking, heavy layer of dust on chandeliers and furniture.

    Food Was delicious
    Portions are VERY small
    Prices are Very Expensive ( $191 for three)
    Very Rushed server we had our complete dinner in 45 minutes
    Server needs more training, brought check without asking if we wanted desert, and never cleaned the table until I asked her.

    NOT going Back! Too many great alternatives in this town.

    • Marlin- Sorry you had such a bad experience, but glad to hear that you did enjoy the food. We haven’t had a chance to do a repeat visit yet, but are hoping your lack of service was an anomaly. Thanks for sharing.

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