Wake Up and Smell the Cupcakes: Cupcake Couture – Delray Beach

Foodies on the Fly headed north to Delray Beach to taste the delectable creations being served at Cupcake Couture, a sweet shop serving up cupcakes, gelato, and speciality coffee. The modern store front resembles a well-know clothing store but instead of velour tracksuits you will find shelves of whimsical and edible treats.

From the colorfully decorated walls to the chandeliers and televisions shaped like Easy-Bake Ovens, this friendly shop is sure to make anyone feel like a kid in a candy store. And speaking of candy…The walls are lined with jelly beans and nostalgic hard to find candies and lollipops are displayed down the classic checkerboard floor. It’s a sugar rush waiting to happen.

Each cupcake is fashionable displayed on decorated shelves and freshly baked using only the finest ingredients. Aside from looking good, the fancy cupcakes are cleverly named after noted fashion designers. Whether you are craving Cocoa Chanel, Dolce & Banana, or Yves Saint Lemon, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank!

Aside from saving dough you can save on calories too. Many of the flavors come in two sizes, petite or vogue and with all of the choices, ordering a few petites makes decision making and sticking to your diet a whole lot sweeter.

During our visit, Foodies on the Fly tried three mini designer cupcakes: Christian Louboutinilla, Red Valentino and Jean Paul Peanutier. We almost opted for a fourth, (their best seller) Cocoa Chanel, but decided to save room for dinner. A girl should be two things, and wobbling out of a cupcake shop is definitely not one of them!

We started our tasting spree with Red Valentino, a classic red velvet cake topped with a rich cream cheese butter cream. The cute cake had a hint of chocolate and just the right amount of sweet frosting, making this cupcake an instant favorite.

Up next was Christian Louboutinilla, a moist vanilla cake with Vairhona chocolate buttercream trimmed with French chocolate sprinkles. This petite cupcake was simple and sweet and the perfectly rounded frosting was light and wonderful. The addition of the  chocolate sprinkles added to the deliciousness!

Last but not least, we sampled Jean Paul Peanutier, a rich chocolate cake iced with peanut butter frosting and drizzled with chocolate ganache.  This adorable cupcake was piled high with fancy frosting and the combination of peanut butter and chocolate was divine!

The Verdict:
Voted Best Dessert in Delray, Foodies on the Fly agree and suggest you check this chic little shop out the next time you are in downtown Delray. The cupcakes are not only creatively displayed they taste good too! A definite plus. Enjoy!

{Cupcake Couture’s website}

Cupcake Couture on Urbanspoon


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