FoodTruck Friday: Foodies headed to MIA

It’s no surprise to anyone who follows us on Twitter that we have a deep love of food trucks. Only problem, most of them are in Miami and we hover between Broward and Palm Beach County… (with full time jobs), although we try to visit them whenever we can. Tomorrow we have planned a special lunch-time excursion to Street Food Fridays . Street Food Fridays is rounding up the local food trucks at the Miami Herald parking lot (N.E. 14th Street (between North Bay Shore Drive and Herald Plaza) in Downtown Miami) between 11:30 -2:30PM tomorrow, April 1st. We hope this isn’t an April’s Fools because we really want to try out some of the new kids.

We’ll be tweeting live tomorrow and stay tuned for next week when we dish about all the wonderful food we ate, along with reviews from Wynwood’s truck excursion including: Aaron’s Catering, CheeseMe Mobile, Montaco, Slow Food Truck, and Sugar Rush.


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