The Office – Delray Beach, FL

The Office:
The indoor-outdoor restaurant is located on the corner of East Atlantic Avenue highlighting uber-trendy decor with chevron designed floors and red leather chairs with cowhide backs. Bookshelves line the walls and the tables are set with kitschy placemats touting funny sayings and utensils presented in manila envelopes (office supplies, get it?). The menu includes everything from salads to comfort food, so whether you are in the mood for crispy tacos, a juicy hamburger or a handful of popcorn you are in luck. They also have a considerable selection of beer and handcrafted cocktails, making The Office a great place to go after a busy day…at the office.

We kept lunch light (since we’d be heading to Savor the Ave in just a few short hours) and chose the Chinese Hacked Chicken Main Plate Salad ($19) and a House Made Veggie Burger ($15).

The Main Plate Chicken salad was piled high with vegetables and crispy noodles and the all natural oak grilled chicken was moist and tender. The Asian greens were crisp although a little hard to find under all the “accessories”, but once flipped and mixed that salad was delicious. The portion is perfect to share with a friend and definitely more than enough for one.  I would recommend requesting the dressing on the side because although it was good there was just a little too much for my taste.

The Veggie Burger was the best this foodie has ever eaten, and I have sampled quite a few! The patty was moist with flavorful blend of spices in the quinoa-lentil base. Topped with office sauce (a hybrid tangy sweet concoction), caramelized onion (can’t go wrong there) and aged cheddar on a whole wheat bun (thumbs up for offering something beyond traditional white buns!). Office sandwiches are typically paired with shoestring fires, but this foodie swapped for a side of fresh broccoli. Vegetarian or not, this burger is a winner for everyone. Just writing this review is making me crave another.

Final thoughts: Wish we worked closer to The Office, as we could easily become lunchtime regulars! The wait was short and the service was fast-exactly what we look for in a mid-day excursion. Reservations recommended if you plan on visiting for dinner.

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