Mother Trucker- The Food Truck Review Part 1

The food truck craze is spreading like wildfire in South Florida and we are 100% on board for the Food Truck movement. So, what makes food trucks so appealing? Maybe it’s the fresh gourmet (oftentimes local) menu items, accessibility to top chefs, or just the witty names & edgy graphics.  Whatever it is, we are willing to try them all and have complied a list of the trucks and food we tasted…so far!

CheeseMe Mobile– On the Menu: The McShane (a house speciality piled high with Pulled Barbecue Pork, Ruthie’s Slaw and Vintage Cheddar Cheese on Garlic Texas Toast)

Ginger Raspberry Drink and the McShane

What we thought: We were told the McShane was their best seller and after one bite we could see why. The tender pulled barbecue pork was topped with cole slaw and melted cheddar cheese. Instead of the Garlic Texas Toast we opted for toasted Brioche and were not disappointed. With all the fixings this sandwich reminded one Foodie of a Pittsburgh classic and we both agreed it was worth every calorie. Make sure to grab a handful of napkins when enjoying this one…it can get a little messy.

Website: Cheese Me Mobile Grilled Cheese and Sliders
Twitter: @CheeseMeMobile
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Cheeseme Mobile (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

Aaron’s Catering Express– On the Menu: Ginger Raspberry Beverage (pictured above with the McShane)

What we thought: Trying every food truck can be exhausting or dehydrating. Instead of trying a food item from Aaron’s we decided on a drink.  The Ginger Raspberry is a refreshing carbonated beverage that has a hint of mint and a lot of flavor. Similar to a Mojito minus the rum… and sugar cane… and cute umbrella straw… add raspberry, mmm maybe not so Mojito-ish, but definitely delish.

Website: Aarons Catering Express
Twitter: @aaronsfoodtruck
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Aaron's Catering Express on Urbanspoon

Montaco Truck – On the Menu: Steak Taco (grilled sirloin steak with minced onion, salsa roja, and cilantro), Taco Playa (grilled chicken, avocado puree, pico de gallo, lettuce, crema, and salsa verde) and the Beaner (black bean purée slice of avocado tomatoes, cilantro and cotija cheese)

Steak, Chicken, and the Beaner

What we thought: This laid back taco truck is sure to please.  From the cool pink and yellow color palate to the freshly made tacos, homemade chips, and friendly staff. These tacos included super-fresh salsa and warm tortillas. The addition of avocado is always appreciated as well! Although diminutive in size, they were large on flavor. Foodies recommend trying an assortment of tacos, since their menu includes a variety!

Website: Montaco
Twitter: @montacotruck
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SugarRush – On the Menu: Cake N’ Shake (vanilla or chocolate ice cream, blended with milk, & your choice of red velvet, vanilla, or chocolate cake, topped with whipped cream & sprinkles), Thrilla in Vanilla, (Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake topped with a vanilla bean buttercream) and Mudslide Cupcake (chocolate coffee cake, filled with Kahlua whipped cream, topped with Bailey’s irish cream buttercream, drizzled with chocolate & crushed oreo cookies).

Red Velvet Shake with a side of Mini Cupcakes

What we thought: There are not enough words to describe the awesomeness of the Red Velvet Cake N’ Shake. It was not to sweet, easy to sip through a straw and absolutely a must try! The cupcakes were also really good (You can’t go wrong with the Thrilla. After one bite, you’ll be wondering why “Vanilla” was ever a synonym for bland, because this cake is anything but.) For $1.10 you can try a few minis or for $5.00 you can indulge in three deep-fried cupcake treats.

Website: SugarRush
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Slow Food Truck: What we tried- Mini Caramel Bacon Cupcakes

Mini Caramel Bacon Cupcakes

What we thought: Bacon is everywhere right now and these mini cupcakes are a great introduction to the newest food trend. The combination was sweet and savory and we thought these little gems would be the perfect addition to the most important meal of the day…breakfast.

Website: Slow Food Truck
Twitter: @SlowFoodTruck

Click here for Mother Trucker: Part 2


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