Mother Trucker- The Food Truck Review Part 2

Are food trucks here for the long haul or a flat tire away from being a foodie trend? Today Foodies on the Fly is continuing the Food Truck try-eat-athon to engage our readers and help support the trucks, so they won’t drive away! We’ve tempted you with our favorite bites from: CheeseMe Mobile, Aaron’s Catering Express, Montaco Truck, Sugar Rush, and Slow Food Truck. And today we are enticing you with The Purple People Eatery, The Rolling Stove, Divan Bakery, Sugar Rush (must you tempt us so, we had to come back!), and Sugar Yummy Mama. More trucks to follow in the coming weeks. As always, we love to eat and share (our experiences, not our Cake Pops…). Enjoy!

The Purple People Eatery– On the Menu: Homemade Iced Jasmine Green Tea, Black and Blues (Blackened Buffalo Mini Burger topped with Creamy Bleu Cheese, Crispy Shallots, Homemade Pickled Peaches, and Barbeque Sauce) with Sweet Potato JoJos (Sweet Potato Wedges tossed with Chili Salt. Served with Sour Orange Aioli.)

Black and Blues Burger

What we thought: The Jasmine Green Tea had a smooth jasmine fragrance and flavor. Its light mellow essence was a welcome departure from the traditional soda fare. The Black and Blues buffalo slider had a wonderful savory/sweet combination with the addition of tart bleu cheese and shallots balanced against the pickled peaches & barbeque sauce. Buffalo meat contains 70 – 90% less fat than beef, so you won’t feel guilty about the toppings.

Sweet Potato JoJos

The Sweet Potato JoJos were simply fantastic. As sweet potato fans, we knew we had to try these. The chili salt and sour orange aioli take these to another level. Unlike your standard fried potato, we recommend eating these with a fork.

Website: The Purple People Eatery
Twitter: @PurplePPLeatery
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Purple People Eatery (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

The Rolling Stove– On the Menu: Chicken Crispers (Cap’n Crunch encrusted chicken fingers & fries)

Chicken Crispers

What we thought: The Cap’n pushed this chicken from good to great. The Crispers contained a good balance of sweet and salty. The fries were perfectly seasoned and slightly crunchy. Both were paired with honey mustard and a sauce that we couldn’t quite figure out if it was ketchup, barbeque, or a hybrid of the two. It was sweet and tangy, but lighter than most BBQ blends.

Website: The Rolling Stove
Twitter: @TheRollingStove
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Rolling Stove on Urbanspoon

Divan Bakery– On the Menu: Iced Caramel Macchiato and Caramel Flan

Divan Bakery,Sugar Yummy Mama, SugarRush

What we thought: We were excited to see the Divan truck, finally a mobile coffee station to go with all of our desserts! The Nespresso machine blended and whirred our Macchiatos to perfection and they were drizzled with caramel on top. Sticking with the caramel theme, we opted for Carmel Flan to accompany them. The Flan, a traditional Latin American treat, was done with perfect consistency and sweetness.

Website : Divan Bakery
Twitter: @divanbakery
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Sugar Rush– On the Menu: Bananas Foster Bread Pudding {pictured on silver platter above, on right}

What we thought: When we saw the tweet proclaiming Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, we knew Sugar Rush had to be included in our outing again.  We were awestruck when we saw 2 different bread pudding options, and later learned of a third, but decided to go with the one that immediately made us swoon, the Bananas Foster. An excellent choice, it was the most decadently delicious bread pudding EVER, topped with a bourbon caramel glaze.

Website: Sugar Rush
Twitter: @SugarRushMIAMI
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Sugar Yummy Mama– On the Menu: Cake Pops- Velveteen (red velvet cake with cream cheese) and Chocolate Toffee {pictured on silver platter above, middle}

What we thought: The Cake Pops were ah-maz-ing! The Velveteen was a light and airy red velvet cake encased in a white chocolate/cream cheese coating with red sprinkles on top. The Chocolate Toffee was a slightly denser chocolate cake enrobed in milk chocolate rolled in bits of toffee. These are perfectly sized bites that can be consumed without a hint of guilt.

Website: Sugar Yummy Mama
Twitter: @SugarYummyMama
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Sugar Yummy Mama (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

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