Headed to the Big Apple: Where to eat?

Attention all NY Foodies: Emergency! BF surprised me with a trip to NYC, leaving Wednesday, as in less than a week away Wednesday, and we need recommendations on where to dine. We’ll be in Manhattan for 4 days/nights, but don’t mind a journey for an exceptional meal. We definitely don’t want to miss out on any must-eats and would love to hear your favorite places and what to order. Here’s a skinny on our style: We’re drawn to tapas and tasting menus (we always share dishes), love truffles (both the chocolates and the fungi), lean towards herbivore, but do eat fish/meat/poultry, etc… We tend to avoid chain restaurants and fast food (food trucks excluded!). Oh, and we’ll try anything, twice.

Here’s where BF has proposed we go so far:
Levain Bakery (He saw their cookies on the Food Network a few weeks back and placed on the “When we get to NYC” list.)

Norma’s @ Le Parker Meridien (Alex Guarnaschelli raved about their french toast. We LOVE french toast.)

Here’s where I want to go:
Bond St. Chocolate (I’m quite addicted to their milk chocolate with caramelized almonds and sea salt bars)

We need some BIG help in the savory department. Please share your comments below or send us a Tweet @FoodiesontheFly! Thanks in advance.  🙂

UPDATE: Check our blog for reviews of where we did go.
A Few of My Favorite Things
– Frankies 17 
more to come… 


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