Las Olas Wine and Food 2011

Las Olas Wine and Food

The 16th Annual Las Olas Wine and Food Festival was held on Friday, April 29th on Las Olas Blvd with proceeds from the event benefitting the American Lung Association in Florida.

This year, the street festival had over 60 restaurants and 40 wine tables and Foodies on the Fly was there to sip, swirl, savor, and tweet about every last morsel.

Although it was a little hard holding a Blackberry (the phone not the fruit), a plate full of food, and a wine glass…We managed to snap some pictures throughout the evening and listed a few of our favorite things from the event.

What we sampled:

Shula's on the Beach, Las Olas Food and Wine

The line to try Shula’s on the Beach was long but worth every minute we spent waiting. They served a sample of three delectable dishes: Sauteed mushrooms, beef filet and horseradish mousse.  The beef was tender, flavorful and perfectly paired with the savory mousse and mushrooms.

Dos Caminos, Las Olas Wine and Food

Dos Caminos
the newest addition at the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale teased guests with their freshly prepared creamy guacamole. The appetizer was served with two house-made crispy tortilla chips but one scoop was definitely not enough!

Fresh Mozzarella from Da Campo Osteria by Todd English – We heard about their signature fresh-made mozzarella (rumor has it, they pull the mozzarella table side at the restaurant…)and were really excited to try it out at the event.  The warm cheese, freshly pulled while we were waiting in line was paired with truffle balsamic and was better than we could have imagined. If you couldn’t make it to the event you are in luck. This incredible treat is served daily at their restaurant, located in Ft. Lauderdale. A must try if you are cheese fanatic.

Cupcake Battle, Las Olas Wine and Food

This year The New Times introduced a Cupcake Battle and area bakeshops competed for title of Best Tasting, Best Decorated, and Fan Favorite. We tried them all and although our favorite cupcake, the Margarita Cupcake by Spiked Bakeshop didn’t win, we were happy to indulge in such a sweet event.

Slow Food Truck, Las Olas Wine and Food

Slow Food Truck
graced the streets of Las Olas and served up mini short rib sliders, The bite sized sandwich was topped with watercress and cheese. Amazing!

The Chocolate Coconut Lollipops from Chef George was the last dessert we tried.  Served on a stick, similar to the infamous cake pops, the truffle was rich, chocolatey and the perfect conclusion to an eventful night!

If we missed anything you liked, please forgive us..or better yet, leave us a comment. We are always looking for food/restaurant suggestions


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