A De La Vega in the Park

Become Your Dream (same image as my tee at home)

Several years ago I visited New York with my friends for the very first time over my birthday weekend. While looking for a place to grab brunch, my favorite meal any day, on St. Mark’s Place we came across a few chairs on the sidewalk with spray-painted names and inscriptions, like Chairnobyl, Charonimo, and The Chairminator and stickers with inscriptions like “Become your Dream” adorning them.

Immediately intrigued, I walked over to inspect and found the De La Vega Museum (which sadly, has since closed) in the East Village. Inside, amongst the original and repro drawings, paintings, and other wares was none other than the artist himself, James De La Vega. (In case you don’t want to click the link- DeLa Vega is a street or graffiti artist, depending on whom you ask, whose random chalk drawings and murals pop up all around NYC. )

After thoroughly checking out all the pieces I settled on some stickers, notebooks, and a small poster. Upon hearing it was my birthday and we were visitors from Florida, we were given T-Shirts to wear back home, awesome! (Although the stickers have been stuck and the notebooks written in, I still have and proudly rock my “Become Your Dream” tee.)

Just last month, while in the city (and my first time in Central Park!) I spied a chalk drawing that looked suspiciously like a De La Vega. BF in tow, we raced over to the jogging path, and noticed that it was in fact a De La Vega! We happily spent the next half hour locating, photographing and tweeting the chalk-art in the jogging path, while attempting not to get run over. The fruits of our efforts are here for you to enjoy:


Check out our Facebook page for the full gallery.

Keep your eyes open around the city, and maybe you will find a De La Vega too!


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