Can you handle it? 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt – Boca Raton

16 Handles, Boca Raton, FL

16 Handles, a New York based self-serve frozen yogurt shop, recently opened up in University Commons on Glades Road in Boca Raton. The modern shop offers customer’s 16 tempting flavors of frozen yogurt and over 40 sweet topping options.

The interior of the store is bright and cheery and there are LCD screens with animated flavor and nutrition facts above each self-serve yogurt machine. So, if you are concerned with diet restrictions you can research before you pull the handle.

A Peek Inside

What we Thought – Arriving to a place that boasts 16 yogurt flavors and over 40 toppings can be a daunting task, but we tackled the handles like born professionals and emerged with wonderfully tasty treats to enjoy on this beautiful day.

So what did we order? With so many options to choose from and two huge cups to fill, we opted for two different smorgasbords of yogurt.

Combination 1

Combination 1 (prepared by S)

Always indecisive, I couldn’t consider just one or two flavors, nope, I opted for two complete flavor profiles of the following:

Option 1: A classic combination as any: Chocolate & Peanut butter. I paired the Chocolate Eruption & Peanut Butter yogurt with mini peanut butter cups and both the chocolate & peanut butter drizzle on top for a wonderfully sweet, salty concoction.

Option 2: The Red Velvet & NY Cheesecake went together perfectly.  How can you have red velvet cake without the cream cheese icing, it’s sacrilegious! The coconut crunch on top gave added texture and sweetness along with the marshmallow drizzle, lightly applied as a crowning touch.

Combination 2

Combination 2 (prepared by T)

Arriving with an open mind and leaving with a clutter of frozen goodness. My cup was (partially) filled with a small sample of Vanilla Sky, Peanut Butter, Heath Bar Toffee and Red Velvet. Probably not paired together perfectly but definitely delicious either way.  I opted to top my creation with mini chocolate chips (my guilty pleasure), rainbow sprinkles (for color) and a drizzle of sweet caramel (just because).

Overall, we both agreed that the yogurt did not have the artificial aftertaste found at many “froyo” stores and the flavors were true to their descriptions. We enjoyed our experience and plan on stopping by again soon to see what other flavors they have on tap!

Note: You may have to act tactfully if you choose to place multiple yogurt options in a cup. The yogurt will melt and mix, so be sure to place complimentary flavors beside each other.

16 Handles
1400 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Mon-Thurs 12PM – 11:00PM
Fri & Sat 11AM – 11:30PM
Sun 12PM – 10PM


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