Dandee Donut Factory – Pompano, Beach

After trying to lure the traveling Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck to our office all afternoon, we gave up (for the day) and we opted for the next best thing, Doughnuts!

We quickly searched for the nearest bakery in the area and came across Dandee Donut Factory in Pompano Beach.  The yellow and red free-standing building located on East Atlantic Boulevard had good reviews on Yelp and UrbanSpoon plus a menu filled with freshly made doughnuts, coffee, and diner style fare. So, we made our way down the street to try them out.

Once through the doors we were greeted with a comforting smell of homestyle cooking, freshly brewed coffee, and a wall filled with delectable doughnuts. With so many options we didn’t know where to start. We debated about the Cherry Crunch, thought about the Bavarian Cream, and went back and forth between the Old Fashion and the Oreo. Finally…we decided on two that never crossed our minds: Sour Cream and Chocolate Honey Glazed.

Dandee Donut Factory

What we thought:
The Chocolate Honey Glazed doughnut was a plush pillow of chocolatey goodness. It’s soft exterior melted in your mouth and the slight hint of honey was subtle yet perfect. You could tell this doughnut was fresh and it was worth every calorie.

The Sour Cream doughnut had less fluff and more crunch with its crispy edges and a poundcake-like consistency. Topped with powdered sugar instead of the usual glaze, (although they do offer a glazed version too!) you could taste the sweet vanilla flavoring and a tiny ping of tang from the sour cream. Perfect for dipping, this dense treat would be amazing paired with a sweet cappuccino or latte.

Dandee Donut Factory is open 24 hours a day for your donut craving pleasure. So whether you are looking for a mid-day pick me up or midnight snack, you can count on this homestyle diner anytime or day of the week.

Dandee Donut Factory
1900 E Atlantic Blvd in Pompano Beach
(954) 785-1461

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One thought on “Dandee Donut Factory – Pompano, Beach

  1. Just last Friday we indulged in some exceptional Krispy Kreme donuts here in Cali, so the sugary sweet aftertaste still lingers, as I am reading your post, reminding me of how tasty they were. Thanks for sharing, good timing!

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