FOTF visit the Top Chef Tour, Ft. Lauderdale

On Friday, June 3rd Foodies on the Fly headed down to Huizenga Park in Ft. Lauderdale to view Bravo’s  Top Chef Tour.  When we arrived we immediately spotted the Top Chef tent which housed two cooking stations, one round judges table and seating for lucky audience members.  We quickly placed our names on the list to ensure we would be comfortably seated inside the tent as opposed to standing outside in the sweltering heat.

The competing Top Chefs were Chef Tiffany Derry and Chef Kenny Gilbert, both of Season 7.  Hosted by Bravo, with judges Chef Carlos Fernandez, Top Chef Season 2, Lisa Scott Founds, Winterfest (The Greatest Show on H2O – World’s Most Watched Boat Parade in Ft. Lauderdale), and a producer from Top Chef.

The completion was done quickfire style where the contestants had 15 minutes to create a dish out of a limited supply of ingredients, while utilizing the main protein, chosen by Top Chef groupies online. South Florida chose wild salmon as the main component. The clock started ticking and the chef-testants got to work, while being peppered with questions from the audience. Surprisingly both competitors chose to do a variation of curry. Tiffany chose to pan sear her salmon with curry and ginger and paired with fresh corn succotash. Kenny opted to serve his poke style with curry and quinoa on an endive. Typically while the judges taste test – we’re sitting at home salivating, well not today!

Chef Tiffany Derry's pan seared salmon

Chef Kenny Gilbert's poke style salmon

The audience wasn’t forgotten and we received samples of each too! Tiffany’s preparation was perfectly spiced and was beautifully complimented by the succotash. The crisp summer flavor of sweet corn was perfect on such a scorching day. Kenny’s salmon was accented with jalapenos, quinoa, and curry on an endive leaf.  A portable bite, full of color and maybe a bit too much heat for the afternoon sun, Kenny was edged out by Tiffany for the win. It was a close call, but the FOTF girls would have to agree.

After the event the guests were able to get signed photos of the chef-testants and play an array of games including a hole in one and an aroma challenge.

Check back here to see when they will be in your city.


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