DIY Candy Sushi Desserts with Chef Ursula Rafer

DIY Candy Sushi

Guest Post by Chef Ursula Rafer

I love sushi!  It looks beautiful, the presentation is sophisticated, and it reminds me of special dinners spent with my little sister Katlyn.  I understand, however; that raw fish and masago are not everyone’s favorite… so when I am entertaining and I can’t bear to leave it out…I make Candy Sushi instead!  (Actually, granola bars and other healthy, but tasty goodies are used).

Candy Sushi is simple enough for kids to make and fancy enough to impress all your guests!  It is perfect for any occasion and the talk of every dessert table I’ve ever done.

Plus, it can be made a day or two ahead if needed. (Love planning ahead!)

Below is a step by step guide to Sashimi Over Rice (Candy Sushi Part 1)


Here’s your ingredients list:

1 box of Chewy Protein Bars. (I love Bunny Bars and Think Thin because they taste amazing and are low calorie= we can eat more)

1 box of fruit leather or strips…Dark fruit makes the seaweed look more realistic. (Archer Farms brand from Target have great flavor are nice and sticky for molding)

1 bag Swedish Fish Candies (any colors work, but need to be full size fish)

Sushi Spoons or paper liners for presentation

Optional: Orange or Black Sprinkles for Masago (Fish Eggs)

Optional Sprinkles

Step 1: Cut your Granola Bars into roughly inch cubes. These will be the rice for our Sashimi to be placed on.

Step 1

After all your bars are cut…

Step 2: Cut or peel fruit leather into strips. This will be our seaweed.

Step 2

Step 3: On each granola rice square place one Swedish fish in the center and 1 strip of fruit seaweed lengthwise.

Step 3

Step 4: If you are not adding sprinkles as Masago… you can place each Sashimi piece folding the fruit seaweed underneath (it should stick to itself pretty well) and place on a spoon or liner.

Step 4

Step 5: For the Masago, pour a few sprinkles in a bowl or a clean palm and dip the seaweed/fish side in it…Sprinkles will stick well to fruit roll.

Step 5

Finally, Place liners in a sushi boat or on a tray to display.  For delicious, but realistic looking sides I use Amber Agave for soy sauce, peach fruit roll for ginger and 2 smashed green Swedish fish rolled into balls for wasabi.

Candy Sushi

Making 50 of these took only about a half hour in the kitchen. Setting up an assembly line for large batches works well, and is fun to do with girlfriends before your shower, wedding or shindig!

Candy Sushi Boat

This boat looks amazing and tastes even better!  They were gobbled up in seconds at this shower.


Note: Granola Bars make for very realistic rice!

I hope you enjoyed this  D.I.Y.  If you did please comment and we will make sure you learn parts 2, and 3 soon.  See preview pic below:

Complete Candy Sushi Platter

Happy Rolling 🙂

About Chef Ursula Rafer, RYT
Chef Rafer lives in Delray Beach, Fl with her husband, Sheridan, and Lab, Tommy. She was crazy enough to cater her own wedding and loves D.I.Y. projects, painting, making fatty recipes healthy, brewing beer, gardening, and creating fabulous events through her businesses. Ursula is a trained/certified Artist, Chef, Yoga Instructor and Teacher. She owns and Cupcakechef.comFor more of her recipes see Greenfoodie.wordpress.comFor help getting fit visit


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