Taste of the Nation Food Truck Expo at Feeding South Florida

This afternoon a handful of Miami based food trucks drove north to Feeding South Florida’s Pembroke Park location (just off Hallandale Beach Blvd.) to host a lunch and donate part of their proceeds to the Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation.

Share Our Strength® is a national nonprofit that is ending childhood hunger in America. Share Our Strength’s goal is to end childhood hunger in America. Working with others, we believe we can do this by 2015. It’s not enough to make sure America’s children have enough to eat; we must make sure they are getting the nutrition they need to live healthy, active lives.

Great food, close location, excellent cause, we are on our way!

The Ono sandwich - It means "tasty"

The Slow Food Truck
On the menu:
The Ono – it means “tasty” $7

What we thought: After trying the mini caramel bacon cupcake, and short rib slider, we decided it was time to go for a full size sandwich. We chose the Ono, a pulled pork sandwich with grilled pineapple, ham, and crispy shallots on top. The pork was perfectly seasoned and moist. The pineapple gave a kick of sweetness (and who could resist grilled pineapple, certainly not us), which balanced out the salty crispy fried shallots. Final verdict, the Ono is definitely tasty.

Website: Slow Food Truck
Twitter: @SlowFoodTruck
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Custom grilled cheese sandwich

Cheese Me Mobile
On the menu: Customize your own Grilled cheese sandwich. Starting at $6.

What we thought: For our second trip to Cheese Me Mobile, we decided to customize our creation. Although the McShane was fantastic, pairing it with the Ono might be a pork overload! We chose melted buffalo mozzarella and beefsteak tomatoes on thick cut whole wheat bread. The combination was amazing. The quality fresh ingredients at Cheese Me Mobile will keep us coming back again, and again.

Website: Cheese Me Mobile
Twitter: @CheeseMeMobile
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Lemonade & Pina Colada Smoothies

Blue Tree Café
On the menu: Lemonade Smoothie, Pina Colada Smoothie $4 ea. (small)

What we thought: On a hot afternoon like today, we needed to cool off quick., so we headed over to the Blue Tree Café truck for smoothies. We opted for the lemonade and pina colada smoothies respectively. The lemonade was sweet, tangy, and icy. The pina colada, was sweet and creamy. Both were made to order while we waited and served with a smile.

Twitter: @BluTreeCafe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcake

Clarabelle’s Cupcakes
On the menu: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake 2.50

What we thought: We love cupcakes and were definitely excited to try out Clarabelle’s for dessert. While sitting by the truck deciding which to chose, a very nice woman stopped by and offered us one of her cupcakes. What a sweet day, indeed! We chose the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake. The cake was light and airy and held a chocolate chip cookie surprise at the bottom. It was topped with a generous mound of vanilla buttercream frosting and garnished with a cookie slice.  It was perfection in a cup. Clarabelle’s we will be following you!

Website: Clarabelle’s Cupcakes
Twitter: ClarabellesToGo
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After enjoying an amazing food truck catered lunch, the FOTF girls were invited (along with all the visitors) to tour the Feeding South Florida facility and hear a little more about what they do for the community.

Feeding South Florida was founded in 1981 as the Daily Food Bank and has been working to reduce hunger by reducing waste.

They solicit donations of food from a variety of sources – farmers, processors, grocers and restaurants among others – and distribute it through a network of not-for-profit agencies including daycare centers, homeless shelters, residential homes for the physically and mentally challenged, assisted living facilities for the elderly, youth programs, soup kitchens and emergency food pantries.

The result? Feeding South Florida distributes approximately 1.8 million pounds of food each month to hungry South Floridians, including children and the elderly, the unemployed and the working poor, the disabled, the homeless, and victims of natural disasters, illness and violence.

You can help by donating food, money, or time at the Feeding South Florida facility. Get more info here.

Here’s the tour:

Feeding South Florida facility

Feeding South Florida Warehouse - Lend a Hand!

Feeding South Florida's Kids Count Teacher's Store. All items no cost for the community.

A family helped by the efforts of Feeding South Florida


Everything is Bigger in Boca: Gourmet Food Truck Expo

The Gourmet Food Truck Expo took place in Boca Raton last night and it was a huge success. We heard there were over 800 2000(!) people in attendance and we believe it! The traffic on Airport Road was backed-up to Glades and cars were being redirected into neighboring parking lots. Although parking was relatively easy, the movie theater had plenty of room; the lines to order food were unbelievable! The food was worth the wait.

The event was filled with trucks and foodies from all over Palm Beach county waiting patiently (and sometimes impatiently) in lines that lasted over an hour. Since this wasn’t our first (Food Truck) rodeo we planned ahead. We knew where we wanted to go and what we wanted to order. So, we schlepped our bistro table, pink chairs, tablecloth, platter, and candelabra through the crowded parking lot (in heels mind you), set up, and strategically split up, so we could order from two different trucks without wasting any time.

Our trucks of choice, Dim Ssäm à gogo and The Mexican Gourmet. When things quieted down we also tried Feverish Ice Cream.

Dim Ssäm à gogo by Sakaya Kitchen – The line of hungry patrons awaiting this Asian fusion truck was considerably longer than many of the other trucks, so we queued up with high expectations.

A perfect combination

On the menu: Kimchi Egg Rolls with Ginger Hot Sauce (2) $6 and Angus Beef “Kalbi” Short Rib Taco (2) $7

What we thought: The egg rolls were crispy on the outside and had a satisfying crunch when bitten into. The interior revealed an array of fresh veggies (all vegetarian) and it paired well with the ginger hot sauce, that was sweet and spicy.

The short rib tacos were just utterly amazing, and an excellent value, as they came two per order and were each full size. The soft flour tortillas housed Angus beef that tasted like it had been marinating for days, and was paired with a spicy sauce for a bit of a kick. Topped with cilantro, crunchy bean sprouts and sesame seeds these tacos were absolutely delicious and absolutely, positively worth the wait!

Website: Dim Ssäm à gogo by Sakaya Kitchen
Twitter: @SakayaKitchen
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The MexZican Gourmet – The long line at this food truck didn’t detour us from waiting either. We’ve seen The MexZican Gourmet around at other truck roundups and always wanted to try them out, so we knew we had to suck it up and wait.

Puebla Chicken Tacos

On the menu: Puebla Chicken tacos  (2) $5

What we thought: The made-to-order tacos were piled high with tender chicken and layered on a soft corn tortilla. Topped with fresh cilantro, onions and served with a small sample of an amazing hot sauce, these tacos were simply delicious! And they perfectly completed our Mexican-Asian Food truck experience.

Website: The MexZican Gourmet – Simply Authentic
Twitter @TheMexZican
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Watermelon Popsicle

Feverish Ice Cream – Small truck, big flavor. It’s not the size of the truck that matters… In this case Feverish’s owners opted for a smaller truck purposely and is one of the top 10 eco-friendly Food Trucks in the US.

On the menu: Watermelon Popsicle $3

What we thought: To cool down our taste buds after our Asian-Mexican fusion dinner. It was ultra-refreshing and full of big sweet watermelon pieces. A perfectly sweet ending to the day. As the days are getting hotter, we highly suggest a trip to Feverish to cool off.

Website: Feverish Gourmet Popsicles and Ice Cream
Twitter @FeverishMiami
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Want more reviews? Click here.

The Food Trucks Are Heading North

Clear your calendars because the food trucks are coming to Boca!

On Wednesday, May 11th the trendiest food craze to hit the streets of South Florida will be rolling into Palm Beach County for the Gourmet Food Truck Expo. The event will take place at Boomer’s on Airport Road in Boca Raton and will include music, dancing, and delicious street food, starting at 6:00PM.

The line up includes 25 trucks serving up everything from Truffle Mac N’Cheese Bites to Miso Burgers and everything you can dream of in between. With so many options there is sure to be a food truck to satisfy every palate.

Check out the list of trucks and read our reviews below.

Who will be there:
4 Alarm Pizza
 – A classic pizzeria on wheels
Aaron’s Catering Express {Check out our review here}
Big Kahuna – Ice cream, shaved ice and frozen yogurt
The Blue Tree Cafe – Healthy cuisine
Bru’s Room Traveler – A rolling version of the local sports bar
Catered Bliss – Sandwiches and burgers
Caza Crepes – French crepes and galettes
Che Grill – Argentine cuisine
Chef on Wheels – 1 – American/Italian cuisine
Curbside Gourmet {Check out our review here}
Divan Bakery {Check out our review here}
Dog Eat Dog – Gourmet hotdogs
Dim Ssäm à gogo – Asian inspired cuisine
Feverish Ice Cream – Ice cream and gourmet popsicles
Giuseppe’s Italian Sausage – Sausage and pepper heros
Grillmaster Cafe – Burgers, fritas, and more
Kona Ice – Frozen treats
The MexZican Gourmet – Authentic mexican cuisine
Mobile Cigars – A mobile cigar store
Nacho Mama’s Grill – Tacos and more
PS 561 – New England style hot dogs and more
Red Koi – Asian cuisine
Shao Roma – Romanian cuisine
Sir Pizza – Gourmet pizza
Slow Food Truck {Check out our review here}
Sugar Yummy Mama {Check out our review here}

For more information visit www.gourmettruckexpo.com

Follow That Truck :: Curbside Gourmet – West Palm Beach

When we got word that Curbside Gourmet was back on the road we grabbed our keys, candelabra, and bistro table and headed north. The Palm Beach County food truck returned from a short hiatus and we were not letting them evade us again.

So, we drove 40 miles north to the abandoned Carefree Theater for a spur-of-the-moment lunch featuring seasonally fresh and local ingredients. Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly group of patrons and promptly served by the Curbside crew. They even brought our food to our table. Now that is gourmet service!

Buttermilk Fried (to perfection) Chicken Sandwich

What we ordered: Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich with Balsamic Mustard  Words cannot describe the bliss we experienced after biting into the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. It was A.maz.ing. The chicken was plump, juicy and flavorful, the breading was light and seasoned to perfection, and the balsamic mustard was the icing on the cake.  At just $6 dollars this sandwich is worth every penny.

Mojo Pork Tacos with Fresh Homemade Tortillas, Pico De Gallo and Avocado There was no shortage of ingredients in the Mojo Pork Tacos. The combination of the fresh homemade tortillas, pico de gallo, avocado, and Mojo Pork (love this marinade!) mingled perfectly together. And 2 for $5 is such a steal!

Crab Cake Slider and Mojo Pork Tacos

Crab Cake Slider with Lemon Tarragon Aioli  The  Crab Cake Slider was heavy on crab, light on filler and slightly crispy on the outside. Topped with herbed aioli, roma tomato slices, and fresh scallions on a soft potato bun, this slider was perfectly balanced in the flavor and texture departments.

Refreshing Orange and Fennel Salad

At the end of our meal we were presented with the special of the day, a refreshing Orange and Fennel Side Salad (on the truck house).  This citrus salad was a bright ending to a superb lunch.

What we thought: The Curbside crew makes a fabulous lunch with very reasonable pricing, but it’s their fantastic service and hospitality that will keep us coming back. We are so glad this food truck is back on the road and suggest you try them out.  You will not be disappointed.

Website: Curbside Gourmet
Twitter: @CurbsideGourmet
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Mother Trucker- The Food Truck Review Part 2

Are food trucks here for the long haul or a flat tire away from being a foodie trend? Today Foodies on the Fly is continuing the Food Truck try-eat-athon to engage our readers and help support the trucks, so they won’t drive away! We’ve tempted you with our favorite bites from: CheeseMe Mobile, Aaron’s Catering Express, Montaco Truck, Sugar Rush, and Slow Food Truck. And today we are enticing you with The Purple People Eatery, The Rolling Stove, Divan Bakery, Sugar Rush (must you tempt us so, we had to come back!), and Sugar Yummy Mama. More trucks to follow in the coming weeks. As always, we love to eat and share (our experiences, not our Cake Pops…). Enjoy!

The Purple People Eatery– On the Menu: Homemade Iced Jasmine Green Tea, Black and Blues (Blackened Buffalo Mini Burger topped with Creamy Bleu Cheese, Crispy Shallots, Homemade Pickled Peaches, and Barbeque Sauce) with Sweet Potato JoJos (Sweet Potato Wedges tossed with Chili Salt. Served with Sour Orange Aioli.)

Black and Blues Burger

What we thought: The Jasmine Green Tea had a smooth jasmine fragrance and flavor. Its light mellow essence was a welcome departure from the traditional soda fare. The Black and Blues buffalo slider had a wonderful savory/sweet combination with the addition of tart bleu cheese and shallots balanced against the pickled peaches & barbeque sauce. Buffalo meat contains 70 – 90% less fat than beef, so you won’t feel guilty about the toppings.

Sweet Potato JoJos

The Sweet Potato JoJos were simply fantastic. As sweet potato fans, we knew we had to try these. The chili salt and sour orange aioli take these to another level. Unlike your standard fried potato, we recommend eating these with a fork.

Website: The Purple People Eatery
Twitter: @PurplePPLeatery
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Purple People Eatery (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

The Rolling Stove– On the Menu: Chicken Crispers (Cap’n Crunch encrusted chicken fingers & fries)

Chicken Crispers

What we thought: The Cap’n pushed this chicken from good to great. The Crispers contained a good balance of sweet and salty. The fries were perfectly seasoned and slightly crunchy. Both were paired with honey mustard and a sauce that we couldn’t quite figure out if it was ketchup, barbeque, or a hybrid of the two. It was sweet and tangy, but lighter than most BBQ blends.

Website: The Rolling Stove
Twitter: @TheRollingStove
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Rolling Stove on Urbanspoon

Divan Bakery– On the Menu: Iced Caramel Macchiato and Caramel Flan

Divan Bakery,Sugar Yummy Mama, SugarRush

What we thought: We were excited to see the Divan truck, finally a mobile coffee station to go with all of our desserts! The Nespresso machine blended and whirred our Macchiatos to perfection and they were drizzled with caramel on top. Sticking with the caramel theme, we opted for Carmel Flan to accompany them. The Flan, a traditional Latin American treat, was done with perfect consistency and sweetness.

Website : Divan Bakery
Twitter: @divanbakery
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Sugar Rush– On the Menu: Bananas Foster Bread Pudding {pictured on silver platter above, on right}

What we thought: When we saw the tweet proclaiming Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, we knew Sugar Rush had to be included in our outing again.  We were awestruck when we saw 2 different bread pudding options, and later learned of a third, but decided to go with the one that immediately made us swoon, the Bananas Foster. An excellent choice, it was the most decadently delicious bread pudding EVER, topped with a bourbon caramel glaze.

Website: Sugar Rush
Twitter: @SugarRushMIAMI
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Sugar Yummy Mama– On the Menu: Cake Pops- Velveteen (red velvet cake with cream cheese) and Chocolate Toffee {pictured on silver platter above, middle}

What we thought: The Cake Pops were ah-maz-ing! The Velveteen was a light and airy red velvet cake encased in a white chocolate/cream cheese coating with red sprinkles on top. The Chocolate Toffee was a slightly denser chocolate cake enrobed in milk chocolate rolled in bits of toffee. These are perfectly sized bites that can be consumed without a hint of guilt.

Website: Sugar Yummy Mama
Twitter: @SugarYummyMama
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Sugar Yummy Mama (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

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Mother Trucker- The Food Truck Review Part 1

The food truck craze is spreading like wildfire in South Florida and we are 100% on board for the Food Truck movement. So, what makes food trucks so appealing? Maybe it’s the fresh gourmet (oftentimes local) menu items, accessibility to top chefs, or just the witty names & edgy graphics.  Whatever it is, we are willing to try them all and have complied a list of the trucks and food we tasted…so far!

CheeseMe Mobile– On the Menu: The McShane (a house speciality piled high with Pulled Barbecue Pork, Ruthie’s Slaw and Vintage Cheddar Cheese on Garlic Texas Toast)

Ginger Raspberry Drink and the McShane

What we thought: We were told the McShane was their best seller and after one bite we could see why. The tender pulled barbecue pork was topped with cole slaw and melted cheddar cheese. Instead of the Garlic Texas Toast we opted for toasted Brioche and were not disappointed. With all the fixings this sandwich reminded one Foodie of a Pittsburgh classic and we both agreed it was worth every calorie. Make sure to grab a handful of napkins when enjoying this one…it can get a little messy.

Website: Cheese Me Mobile Grilled Cheese and Sliders
Twitter: @CheeseMeMobile
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Cheeseme Mobile (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

Aaron’s Catering Express– On the Menu: Ginger Raspberry Beverage (pictured above with the McShane)

What we thought: Trying every food truck can be exhausting or dehydrating. Instead of trying a food item from Aaron’s we decided on a drink.  The Ginger Raspberry is a refreshing carbonated beverage that has a hint of mint and a lot of flavor. Similar to a Mojito minus the rum… and sugar cane… and cute umbrella straw… add raspberry, mmm maybe not so Mojito-ish, but definitely delish.

Website: Aarons Catering Express
Twitter: @aaronsfoodtruck
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Aaron's Catering Express on Urbanspoon

Montaco Truck – On the Menu: Steak Taco (grilled sirloin steak with minced onion, salsa roja, and cilantro), Taco Playa (grilled chicken, avocado puree, pico de gallo, lettuce, crema, and salsa verde) and the Beaner (black bean purée slice of avocado tomatoes, cilantro and cotija cheese)

Steak, Chicken, and the Beaner

What we thought: This laid back taco truck is sure to please.  From the cool pink and yellow color palate to the freshly made tacos, homemade chips, and friendly staff. These tacos included super-fresh salsa and warm tortillas. The addition of avocado is always appreciated as well! Although diminutive in size, they were large on flavor. Foodies recommend trying an assortment of tacos, since their menu includes a variety!

Website: Montaco
Twitter: @montacotruck
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SugarRush – On the Menu: Cake N’ Shake (vanilla or chocolate ice cream, blended with milk, & your choice of red velvet, vanilla, or chocolate cake, topped with whipped cream & sprinkles), Thrilla in Vanilla, (Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake topped with a vanilla bean buttercream) and Mudslide Cupcake (chocolate coffee cake, filled with Kahlua whipped cream, topped with Bailey’s irish cream buttercream, drizzled with chocolate & crushed oreo cookies).

Red Velvet Shake with a side of Mini Cupcakes

What we thought: There are not enough words to describe the awesomeness of the Red Velvet Cake N’ Shake. It was not to sweet, easy to sip through a straw and absolutely a must try! The cupcakes were also really good (You can’t go wrong with the Thrilla. After one bite, you’ll be wondering why “Vanilla” was ever a synonym for bland, because this cake is anything but.) For $1.10 you can try a few minis or for $5.00 you can indulge in three deep-fried cupcake treats.

Website: SugarRush
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Slow Food Truck: What we tried- Mini Caramel Bacon Cupcakes

Mini Caramel Bacon Cupcakes

What we thought: Bacon is everywhere right now and these mini cupcakes are a great introduction to the newest food trend. The combination was sweet and savory and we thought these little gems would be the perfect addition to the most important meal of the day…breakfast.

Website: Slow Food Truck
Twitter: @SlowFoodTruck

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FoodTruck Friday: Foodies headed to MIA

It’s no surprise to anyone who follows us on Twitter that we have a deep love of food trucks. Only problem, most of them are in Miami and we hover between Broward and Palm Beach County… (with full time jobs), although we try to visit them whenever we can. Tomorrow we have planned a special lunch-time excursion to Street Food Fridays . Street Food Fridays is rounding up the local food trucks at the Miami Herald parking lot (N.E. 14th Street (between North Bay Shore Drive and Herald Plaza) in Downtown Miami) between 11:30 -2:30PM tomorrow, April 1st. We hope this isn’t an April’s Fools because we really want to try out some of the new kids.

We’ll be tweeting live tomorrow and stay tuned for next week when we dish about all the wonderful food we ate, along with reviews from Wynwood’s truck excursion including: Aaron’s Catering, CheeseMe Mobile, Montaco, Slow Food Truck, and Sugar Rush.